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1. How to scrape a new site (see the illustration on the right)

  1. Get the beta chrome extension here
    - Unzip the file, access your chrome extensions page and click on 'Enable developer mode' and then 'Load Unpacked extension'.
    - When promted to choose the folder, select the file you just unzipped
    - No further action after installing & activating
  2. Visit the dashboard here to add sites to scrape
  3. Enter the website url into the new site to scrape - and click 'Generate link'
  4. Once generated, click the link to open the website for element selection
  5. Once the website is opened, hover over it with the mouse - you should see red boxes drawn around elements
  6. With the right-click, pick the option 'Select item'
  7. This opens a popup allowing you to label the items you need from the retrieved sample data

2. Labelling items

  1. The item you right-clicked on, will be displayed, with text boxes where you can label individual items, give unique names. Labelling items
    The other similar items will be scraped and you will get a list of records representing each.

3. Include extra pages with similar data

  1. If you need to also scrape similar data from other pages on the same website, simply add them in the - each link on a new line
Wuispa The element selector on a sample page. The item marked red is selected, the rest are also marked red but thinner because they're simillar to the one with thick borders.

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