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Gather, download any kind of data from any kind of website

Wuispa is a point & click interface for scraping any kind of website and getting your data as csv. It requires no configuration and runs on the cloud(24/7).

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  • Scrape Javascript/Ajax rendered sites
  • Automatically follow item link and scrape details
  • File(img, documents, etc) support
  • Export to json, csv, api ( share to twitter, facebook, instagram coming soon!)
  • Scrapes at human speed(but faster) to prevent DDOS attacks to the other website
  • Schedule e.g twice daily, or every Friday at 5.pm etc
  • Unlimited websites, storage
  • Proxies and IP switching already done for you


    500 records
  • $17.99
  • All the features
    1k records
  • $28.99
  • Next 1k @ $21.75
    Scrape item + details
  • 500 records - $28.99
  • 1k records - $38.99
  • Next 1k @ $29.25
Scraping help available - For example if you're having trouble scraping items from a given site($69 per website configured)

- No credit card required. No registration form

On the next release, we will have content transformation - e.g text translation, paraphrasing or multiply price*1.5 or image replacement


Created with love by @24th - Data solutions for humans

We provide data solutions such as A.I Model training, data collection, engineering & analytics

Contacts: support@wuispa.com